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Welcome to the booking form! This form contains the information I will need from you in order for us to book our appointment. Please read through it carefully and provide as much detail as you’re able to for all of the required fields. If you are undecided about a particular aspect of the design (placement, ideal date/time, color vs. black) then please let me know! If you need a question answered before you feel like you can fill out this form, please email me at

Please note that filling out this form is the first step, it will not guarantee you a particular piece or appointment date.

Non tattoo related requests: Please Email directly.

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Please describe the design you want, flash or custom. If custom, please be detailed in your description.
Include time restrictions, your overall schedule, ideal dates and ideal times of day.
Note that color takes longer than black in most cases, and that this will effect the final cost of your tattoo
For first tattoos I will take extra time and care to educate you on the process, more than with a more experienced client.
make note of the size you would like the tattoo to be, please email pictures of the area to if you have them.
Many flash pieces are flat rate prices. If you are interested in custom work this field is more important for you, please include your ideal price range. If you're open to whatever my estimate for your piece is, then write that.
Please mark any additional questions or comments you have here. Accessibility needs, personal restrictions, bodily restrictions. Or just send me a funny joke! this field is for you.