I do flat rates for flash piece. If a flash piece is intended to be tattooed larger than what it was originally priced at then there will be some variation. Custom pieces will work on a slightly different basis, a price estimate will be given at the beginning of the process, and a finalized price will be given once the drawing is complete. These prices are based on an hourly rate of 120/hr. The price will not be changed if the piece goes over or under the estimated time, unless additions or major size adjustments are made on the day of the appointment.

What are your rates?

Are flash designs repeatable?

Every flash design will only be tattooed once with the exception of flash having the opportunity to be tattooed once in color and once in black and grey. I maintain this rule so that every tattoo I create is unique to the person who is receiving it. The one exception is if you would like to get a matching design with someone else and have agreed on that in advance. If a particular flash piece speaks to you and is already claimed we can do a similar customized piece!

How do I set up an appointment with you?

If you are interested in setting up an appointment then please head over to the booking page and fill out that form. The form helps immensely when it comes to getting all the information I will need to create a tattoo for you. After the form has been filled out I will contact you, and we will set up an appointment time. When the appointment time is set a non refundable $50 deposit is taken, this deposit is subtracted from the final price of the tattoo.

Will you tattoo works by other artists?

In most instances, no! However, I do make an exception for historical artworks in some cases. I will not tattoo the work of another contemporary artist in most cases, I would only consider it if you have direct artists permission and even then I will reimagine the design in my own way for the finished tattoo.

When will I be able to see my tattoo design?

In most cases an initial pencil sketch will be send to you around 2-3 days before your tattoo appointment, from this sketch you will be able to make changes and give me feedback. Once I have your feedback we will begin a finalized line work version of your design which will also be sent to you.

We accept cash as well as card. Tips in cash are preferred if possible.

What forms of payment do you accept?